Changing channels: Broadcast journalism’s continued embrace of New Media

It was Tuesday night, and I was watching the returns for the three Presidential election season contests that quickly merged into a collective Rick Santorum tsunami, as the former Pennsylvania Senator defeated presumed GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri. While I had my TV tuned to CNN, I noticed that I was […]

In a bad economic climate, who can we trust? The Muppets!

The Muppets make sense of the economy.   -via ABC News

On my Twitter feed today, I found this vintage Nightline video posted by ABC News. Originally aired on December, 6, 1987, the Ted Koppel-hosted special was designed as a town hall meeting of sorts to try to make sense of the economic recession of the day. Joining Koppel as special correspondents are none other than […]

Long live the television news magazine

via TV Guide

Last night, NBC News debuted Rock Center with Brian Williams, the network’s younger, hipper answer to CBS’ venerable 60 Minutes. As far as first episodes go, the new program was a solid success, showcasing the wry humor and authority of its anchor, while giving corresepondents like Kate Snow, Richard Engel, and Harry Smith (former anchor […]

Koppel and Huffington: Old vs. New Media

The other day I stumbled across this really great Google Zeitgeist panel conversation between two media giants both representative of the differing Old and New Media ethos. Moderated by The New Yorker’s Nicholas Thompson, the meeting between long-time television newsman (and new “Rock Center with Brian Williams” correspondent) Ted Koppel, and web maven Arianna Huffington, […]