New HIV research: Are we closer to a cure?

Check out my latest for Healthline: Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Dr. Robert F. Siliciano, PhD, has developed a more accurate way for measuring the 'latent reservoir' of HIV -- think of it as the inactive form of the virus that rests hidden in people’s cells. This has stood as a roadblock to eradicating the virus, stubbornly staying put despite being attacked by increasingly sophisticated antiretroviral drugs used to treat the virus.

Dr. Una O’Doherty, PhD, associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Satish K. Pillai, PhD, associate professor of laboratory medicine at UCSF, weighed in on why this is significant in the HIV cure field and what it means for HIV research moving forward.

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