Heart failure risk rises for people under 65

My latest for Healthline: Current statistics show that heart failure rates are rising for adults under 65. I spoke with John Sousa, 44, a father of two from Nashville, Tennessee, about his experiences. With no family history, he was diagnosed with a chronic type of heart failure.

“I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it,” he said of his diagnosis. “It was overwhelming. ‘I was going to die’ was the only thing I could think. I started Googling the survival rates and saw these terrible statistics. It took me probably about six months before I was able to wrap my brain around what heart failure was and that it was something that could be managed.”

I spoke with Dr. Andrew T. Darlington, DO, a cardiologist who specializes in advanced heart failure at the Piedmont Heart Institute, and Dr. Jerry Estep, who specializes in cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, about what you should know. Check out more here.